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at primal training club, Everyone is an athlete and will be safely trained for
the sport of life. now's the time and we offer the most engaging workout experience you'll ever have.

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Personal Training Sessions x8 (x2 Per Week)
Focus on you and your results with the ATHX™ Personal Training programme.
InBody Body Composition Analysis
The highest tech analysis of your pre-trial and post trial progress
Nutritional Support, Education, and Guidance
Accelerate results with the right nutrition for YOUR goals
Experienced Coaching
Our knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team of coaches are always on hand to answer your questions, keep you motivated and hold you accountable to the results you want.






The ATHX™ Personal Training system was designed to provide you with the ultimate workout experience and solve the annoying parts of training in a commercial gym.

Every workout is unique and can be tailored to your fitness level. Test-drive what we do and after your experience, you'll probably end up loving the gym!


What am I committing to when I sign up?

No long-term commitments. You’re just paying for two weeks, and that’s it. Think of it as a no-strings tester that’ll help you make an informed decision about whether our gym is right for you and which membership might suit you best if you do decide to carry on.

What happens after the 14-day trial?

You’re free to choose. If you want to carry on and work with us to reach your fitness goals (80% of our trial members do), we’ll suggest the right membership option and programme going forward. If you decide that ATHX™ Training Club isn’t for you, you can simply say goodbye. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we accept that we can’t be all things to all people.

What if I need to miss days during the 30-day trial?

Don’t worry. If something comes up or you’re away for a few days, let us know, and we’ll happily extend the trial period.

What are the ongoing membership costs?

Our membership prices start at £179 per month. And all our memberships include personal training, open gym access, dedicated coaching support, and the guidance you need to help you stay on track and reach you fitness goals.

Do I have to be fit?

No. Our members vary in age and fitness level. Yes, you’ll see some super-fit people here, but they all started somewhere. Your fitness goal is unique to you. We’ll assess your current level, personalise your programme and take it at a pace that works for you.




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